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Trusted™, the ICS Triplex flagship product, has the smallest footprint in the industry. It uses RunSafe™ 3-3-2-0 fault-tolerant control to virtually eliminate spurious trips and offers the highest availability and lowest cost of ownership of any SIL3 rated safety system available.

ICS Triplex have taken great care to make the Trusted™ product easy to use and easy to integrate into wider control schemes. So easy in fact, that by using Trusted™, you can now have the true fault tolerance of TMR at the same or lower overall cost than redundant PLCs. And that’s not just purchase price; because Trusted™ TMR is packaged o make it easy to use, life time cost of ownership is significantly lower than alternative schemes.

"Certified by TÜV as suitable for AK6 applications and NFPA 72, 85, 86, as well as IEC61508 SIL1–3, Trusted™ uses RunSafe™ 3-3-2-0 fault tolerant control (First fault: fault tolerant, Second Fault: fault tolerant, Third fault: failsafe) to virtually eliminate spurious trips. In this way ICS Triplex delivers the highest availability and lowest cost of ownership of any SIL3 rated safety system currently available."

Trusted™ is UL listed for use in Class 1 Div 2 Groups A, B, C and D and EExnAL IIC T4: DEMKO 05 ATEX 136991X. As well as conforms to UL508 and certified to CSA C22.2 NO 14 and CSA C22.2 NO 142.

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The AADvance controller is specifically designed for functional safety and critical control applications, it provides a flexible solution for your smaller scale requirements. The system can also be used for applications that are non-safety but still critical to a business process.

The significant benefits of the AADvance controller are its performance and flexibility. Being designed to IEC 61508 it meets both SIL2 and SIL3 application requirements from the basic range of modules and mixed SIL rated applications can be covered by this range of modules.

All of the configurations are readily achieved by combining modules and assemblies without using special cables or interface units. System architectures are user configurable and can be changed without major system modifications. Processor and I/O redundancy is configurable so you can choose between fail safe and fault tolerant solutions. This scalability is user configurable, therefore, there is no change to the complexity of operations or programming if you choose to add redundant capacity to create a fault tolerant solution.

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