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MOX Unity Field Controller

"The MOX Unity Field Controller is a powerful controller designed for modern SCADA applications where control and information management are intensive.

Features Modularity with your choice of onboard I/O
Open and Transportable IEC 61131-3 Control Software
True Redundancy supported at multiple levels
Expandable with up to three Ethernet, four RS485 ports and two RS232 ports
Supports Modbus, DNP3.0 and IEC60870-5-101/4
Integrated diagnostics
Standard Modbus and TCP/IP Communications
Powerful 400HMz processor
GPRS option
64MB of DDR RAM with 128MB of Flash
Certified as non-sparking for use in explosive atmospheres to IECEx nA II T4 "

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MOX Modular Field Controllers

The MOX IONITY Ex System focuses in the oil & gas industry and hazardous atmosphere. A typical IONITY Ex system consists of IoNix Field Controller and rack-base I/O modules. The MOX IoNix Field Controller is a compact and feature-rich controller designed for remote area installations or small distributed control solutions.

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With built-in compatbility to the MOX 601 Open Controller and MOX 602 Field Controller familise, and with seamless integration to the MOX 603 Modular I/O range, the MOX IoNix Field Controller completes the entire range of Intelligent Automation products designed and manufactured by MOX Products.

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MOX IONITY Ex is a leading edge control system with enhanced Remote Terminal Unit capabilities for use in SCADA, telemetry and remote data monitoring applications. It consists of a MOX IoNix processor, a Power Supply Unit (PSU) and any suitable combination of MOX IONITY 603 Rack Base I/O. A maximum of ten I/O modules are recommended to be connected.

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MOX Gateway Controller


The MOX Gateway Controller is a leading edge remote systems controller designed to interface with field devices and control equipment via many of the leading communications methods available. The final solution is Enterprise ready allowing data from your remote sites to seamlessly flow into your integrated SCADA solution. The MOX Gateway provides most of the functionality of the MOX Unity Field Controller with additional communications options, making it truly open systems controller.

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MOX Field I/O

The wide range of I/O modules includes discrete, analog, and special purpose modules. Each one offers comprehensive configuration options. Being microprocessor based allows them to manage their own communications parameters, error conditions and user options. This inbuilt intelligence allows the modules to be installed in stand-alone mode or multi-module rack based configurations. The MOX Field I/O System is ideally suited to the MOX range of control products.

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MOX Open Controller

The MOX OC system is the high end of the MOX Group range of products and has been designed with open standards in mind. Communications capability is available through Ethernet TCP/IP and Modbus as well as many of the leading fieldbus offerings.
Reliability of the installation is ensured with MOX OC providing full system redundancy at all levels. A redundant system consists of dual processors, power supplies and MoxBUS Interface modules. This enables the MOX Open Controller to be used in the most mission critical processes within heavy industrial applications.

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